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Founded & Managed by Constantine Sofologis

Mr. Sofologis is board certified Physical Security Professional (PSP) through the American Society for Industrial Security (now ASIS International) and possess Department of Homeland Security certification as Program Manager Level 1, as well as DHS Contracting Officer Representative .  He has a comprehensive portfolio of training and professional development activities, the scope of which includes extensive work in the areas of vulnerability assessments, physical security surveys, asset protection, intrusion detection, video assessment and access control.


His experience has placed him in increasingly high-profile leadership roles that successfully incorporated multi-level, multi-jurisdictional cooperative efforts.  During his tenure with the US Secret Service, Mr. Sofologis was selected to develop and Supervise the Technical Security Division's Physical Security plan for the 2015 visit of Pope Francis and World Meeting of Families to Philadelphia.  He led a team of Physical Security Specialists and Special Agents to provide a technically secure environment at the largest National Special Security Event (NSSE) in the history of the agency.

Unlike many security firms, CN Sofologis & Associates was founded to provide a very specific and highly specialized set of security skills to the private sector and U. S. government agencies.  Services in the following areas:


  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures                                                 

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Security System Project Management

  • Security Awareness Briefings

  • Executive Protection

  • Specialized Training

 About Us 

CN Sofologis & Associates, LLC 2022
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